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Lake Garda Weddings – I was invited and booked to attend Lee & Laura’s wedding for three days and capture their very picturesque special day.  The location is at Malcesine which is famous for the Scaglieri castle .  The castle is at the highest point on a cliff overhanging Lake Garda, Italy.  You cant miss it as you can see from the image.  By the way in a month’s time of writing this post the main wedding highlights will be posted.  For the moment (and I rarely do such an early post!) I am allowing the pre-wedding photo shoot to be released.  Mostly because I know Laura wants to see something…right now!  😉

I took a walk through the hot streets with the best man and he led me to the restaurant where Lee & Laura had just finished eating.  I wanted to get started soon as the sun was breaking through the clouds.  Once the sun dips here behind the mountains beyond it gets dark fairly quick.  The cool thing about Malcesine is you can find something photographic on every street corner.  Right next to the bar was a small water area with some lasts rays of sun which I used to my advantage.  This was just a warm up session to get Lee & Laura used to the camera before their wedding the next day.  By the time we finished it was a lot darker.

Lake Garda Wedding Photographer Lake Garda Wedding Photographer Lake Garda Wedding Photographer Lake Garda at Night

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser.  There is a lot of work to do still on the main wedding and only the Bride & Groom get to see anything first!  I will update this blog when all is approved and ready, more later.