Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Photography FAQ
Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Photography FAQ

What area’s of the country do you cover and are you willing to travel?

We are based from Harlow and directly cover Essex and Hertfordshire.  We always like to say yes so with planning we are happy to travel around the UK and even Europe to meet any clients expectations.

How many photographs do I get?

Depending on how long you have booked us, we shoot on average 100/150 images per hour and work out after the event which images to use in your collection.  Your wedding day is special and we look through the images to bring to you the quality of the day and memories.

How do I get my images?

Once work is completed we can either provide a DVD disc or send you a download link.  If you have opted for printed albums then other arrangements can be made.

Do I get all images in colour?

We all work in colour, however sometimes certain images may look better in black & white depending on the circumstances at the time.  This is something we work out with you after the wedding in a show and tell session so you don’t miss out on anything.

Who owns the copyright to the wedding photographs? Can I legally print these myself?

After you have received your wedding collection all photography work is covered by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in the UK.  The author and copyright owner remains with the photographers but you can share these images online, print them with any vendor you choose.  The general restriction is you cant re-sell the collection or alter it.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

We happen to live in a country that has plenty of rain to go around and our photographers use weather proof equipment and carry umbrella’s.  Rain can actually be a creative photographic oppertunity, we have seen some really good work carried out in the rain.

Do you have insurance?

Yes and liability insurance also which can be shown on request.

When we make a booking can we meet?

We do prefer to meet all clients in person to understand what it is they want the most out of the big day and work with them to help plan the day which in turn helps us and gives us a focus.

What happens if we cancel after a deposit or payment has been made?

Our Terms & Conditions are available from the website but the deposit is fully refundable up to 14 days of payment.  This must be requested by email or in writing that you intend to cancel your booking.  After 14 days has passed you may still cancel but the deposit is reduced to cover potential lost bookings as set out below;

  • Up to 14 days – 100% refund
  • After 14 days but up to 30 days – 50% refund
  • After 30 days – 0% refund

Why are wedding photography prices so high?

The question should really be, why is photography so expensive?  Training, advertising, experience and professional equipment is something essential but also a high cost.  Standard consumer class equipment can be expensive but the camera’s and lenses used by our photographers are all professional class equipment and over time with covering so many weddings and events these items eventually need to be replaced plus we carry two to three of everything in case there is an issue.  We also factor in that although the wedding is one day, we spend another week working on the photography and also have to pay to store it as well.

Wedding Photography FAQ
Wedding Photography FAQ
Wedding Photography FAQ
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